Sunday, December 9, 2012

4 Whoresman of the Apocalypse

I was approached to be a part of the End of Days show going on at Sacred Gallery in NYC. I was totally stoked because I've always been fascinated with doomsday mythologies. I've always love the 4 Horseman theme so I wanted to put my own spin on that idea. So I did the 4 Whoresman of the Apocalyspe, basically combining all 4 horseman into one demon entity riding a horse made of 4 chicks bondaged together. here's the final piece. Hope you enjoy!

Click to enlarge:

and heres a shot of the Whorse herself:

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  1. That is awesome. Love the Whorse. So much detail, just keep noticing new things about it. Demon rider, not as much of a fan of. Maybe some type of female fetish demon would look more appropriate.