Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Encyclosleazia Shittanica excerpt on The Bud Mizer

The head of the Bud Mizer, taken by Cig Neutron
 All Crapulons are pretty vile and disgusting but the Bud Mizer somehow outdoes most of his fellow race. At a  young age the Bud Mizer assembled a gang that raised hell all around mullock. Their habit of pissing on the heads of their victims after they have brutally beaten them, earned them the name "The Pissheads". They have since lovingly embraced this name.
    Although the Bud Mizer is a vicious killer, he's not stupid. Earth booze was in High demand on Mullock and seeing a golden oppurtunity him and his gang Hijacked a supply ship and headed for earth. HIs plan was to set up a base on Mars and control any alcohol that came off the neighboring planet. He succeeded and now makes huge profits by controlling earth booze.
    Controlling such a lucrative operation is not without its fair share of problems. Rival Gangs are constantly trying to gain control of the earth booze trade. Secondly The Pissheads have to aquire the alcohol from earth without any earthlings knowing of their existence. For this reason they make frequent pickups from the southern parts of the united states, where if someone were to come forward with a sighting, their claim would be dismissed. While the humans that populate these areas might not be credible they are whoever armed and dangereous. This has become quite bothersome as many pickup crews have been attacked by groups of rednecks looking to save their booze.

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