Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Encyclosleazia Shittanica Excerpt on Lady Scourge

Lady Scourge smoking the finest Intergalactic Opium piracy can offer.
   Once a beautiful human geisha by the name Akahana, she was kidnapped by the infamous demon gang The Radical 194. The Same night of her capture The Radical 194 had a coup de tat overthrowing their leader Kyouaku. Having no more use for the geisha or Kyouaku they discarded both of their bodies believing them to be dead. Akahana comes to, and realizes she's lying next to the former leader of the gang she despises. So distraught over her ordeal she finishes off Kyouaku with his own katana, and then commits jumangi gari with the same blade.
    Once the demon blood mixed with hers she became possesed by Kyouaku. Being in a weakened state he only had minor demonic powers left and could not take full possesion of the geisha. Still in control of her own body but with newly aquired demon powers the geisha and kyouaku reluctantly worked together to exact revenge upon The Radical 194.
    Their power growing with each member slain, the geisha in turn lost more and more of her humanity. Sometime after defeating the Radical 194 the onigeisha crossed paths with a space pirate crew repairing their ship after an emergency landing on earth. After a short scuffle the pirates bowed down to the onigeisha's power and she became their Captain. Upon accompanying them into space she adopted the moniker Lady Scourge, and quickly became one of the most ruthless space pirates in the universe.
    As Cig Netron's infamy grew, it attracted the attention of the Onigeisha and her crew. Now She's on a mission to find him and rip him to shreds to find out what makes him so powerful.

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