Sunday, March 20, 2011

Encyclosleazia Shittanica excerpt: Cigaratts

    While they may look oddly cute, cigaratts are nasty, ill-tempered, and constantly in need of a nicotine fix. They are the vermin of the universe infesting anywhere cigarettes can be found.  Cig Neutron absolutely loathes these creatures more than anything in the universe as his spaceship is teeming with them.
    If you ever got close enough to inspect a cigaratt you would see that behind their nicotine stained teeth sits a hairy tongue. This can tell you how old a cigaratt is. The hairier the tongue, the older the cigaratt.
    While smoking a cigarette the hot air inflates the ratts body making it possible for it to float around. Once they digest the smoke they dispell it from their anus in a small smoke ring, this also serves in propelling the cigaratt. If you pull a cigarette from a ratts mouth mid float, the cigaratt will deflate wildly like an out of control balloon.

In a pinch cigaratts can be used as makeshift smoke bombs for those in need of a quick getaway.

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